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Doug Logan

Considering himself as a local of the BC coast, Doug was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Moving to Pender Harbour at a very young age, the seaside and rugged bush lifestyle was absorbed into his soul. As a young teen, his family moved to Powell River, where he happily still resides today.

Shortly after High School, Doug started in the Powell River mill and on his path to becoming a career Papermaker. The mill was established in 1908, and started producing newsprint paper in 1912. Doug started in 1973 like any real papermaker, cleaning up paper on the shop floor. Doug has 38 years of papermaking experience, working from the shop floor to managing paper machines. In 2007, Doug moved to the mill in Howe Sound, where he was instrumental in developing effective training, scheduling, and shift operations on the paper machine. Being very proud of his tenure in the mills, Doug is semi-retired and available to apply his experience to any papermill situation. With his supervisory skills, he can apply strong coaching support to any industrial environment.
Give Doug a message on his email, or for immediate concerns, call his cell at 1-604-483-1546.

Powell River is situated in a paradise of lakes, mountains, and the ever-present ocean. With the abundance of life and opportunities for adventure, Doug quickly became familiar with the landscape and the challenges. Fishing, hunting, exploring, hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, waterskiing, snowshoeing, snow skiing, and camping over the years has given Doug the foundation for a well-rounded outdoorsman. This also led to becoming a natural Search and Rescue Volunteer. As a Search Manager or a Team Leader, Doug has a specialty in Rope Rescue skills.

Combine the previous two paragraphs and you have an extremely fertile environment for the writing side of Doug. In the mill, Doug penned several training manuals as a subject matter expert and Technical Writer. He authored detailed manuals on special operator skills and supervisory skills. Always the helpful coach, Doug takes pride in giving people the skills, knowledge, and information they need to be successful.

Being an avid outdoorsman, Doug naturally lends his coaching and writing skills to the outdoors and to Search and Rescue. As a writer, Doug is always working on something and is eager to adopt/help people with their ideas and needs. Published in local publications, he will be working on applying his writing skills to other situations.

Being no stranger to stress and the many challenges of today's lifestyle, Doug has found numerous methods to balance his life. Many of them are not new. In fact, some are ancient. All are focused on being able to relax. Practicing meditation and applying nature's healing environment, Doug will be pursuing quality time at home, in Powell River.

Contact Doug through his email at duglogan@gmail.com