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The following is a brief description of Doug Logan's expertise in the paper world. For a more specific information, email Doug at duglogan@gmail.com
"Practical Solutions to Your Papermaking Problems."
Dedicated and commited problem-solver, skilled in resolving both immediate and long term problems for today's paper machines. Extensive practical experience on high-speed newsprint and specialties machines. Brings excellent training and technical writing skills to focus people on optimizing their tasks, and developing their skills and knowledge. Combines positive attitude with discipline to focus on optimizing the paper operation from chips to press room.
Accomplishment Highlights:
Paper Machine Shift Supervisor:
Safely and effectively managed a 40 man crew, in a two paper machine area,including stock prep and repulpers.
Paper Machine Superintendent: Managed No. 11 PM during and after an extensive rebuild, including entire wet end rebuild, winder modifications, drying upgrades, refiner installations, and complete TDC system replacement. Achieved initial objectives and start up, safely and on time.
Special Project: Developed and authored an "Expectations of Shift Supervisor" document, detailing every task and standards expected of an excellent Shift Supervisor on a paper machine.
Training Designer and Educator: Developed and presented several training modules. Customized to specific paper machine components and papermaking skills.
Professional Experience: Skilled and experienced in both technical and leadership positions, including: Operations Worker (all machine positions) Shift Safety Representative Shift Union Representative Technical Writer Relief Supervisor Shift Supervisor Assistant Superintendent Superintendent Training Presentation Designer and Educator

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